Featured 2015 Senior Model Savannah Diehl
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Monday, April 28, 2014
By Sherri Heishman
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Introducing Miss Savy Girl, also know as Savannah Diehl!  Savannah is a Junior at Fort Defiance High School.  Her favorite candy Reese Cups and her favorite drink is sweet tea.  Savannah loves the beach.

For a dream job, Savannah would love to be an actress.  She is studying cosmetology and plans on becoming a hairdresser once she graduates. 

She can’t live without music and friends and enjoys singing as a hobby.  I am hoping she will share her musical talent with me during her Senior Photo Shoot!  Her favorite musical artist is Beyonce. 

Savannah loves clothes...  and the best finds are clothes on sale!  When I asked her what was one thing that is always in her purse, she said Chapstick.  Savannah is quite ambitious...when she grows up she wants to be a Model/Actress/Photographer/Hairdresser!  She is looking forward to graduating and starting her career(s)! 

Savannah is going to be attending a huge hair show in May, we wish her much success at the show.  Welcome Savannah to the Twist & Snap 2015 Senior Model Family!


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